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EvenHeat Studio Pro 24

Item: EvenHeat Studio Pro 24
Retail Price: $2975.00
Price: $2529.00
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Like the Original Studio Pro, the design of the Studio Pro 24 was driven by the demands of glass work. Glass work is a fairly active process. It relies heavily on visual cues, opening and closing while firing, fast action and all sorts of movement. It's a lot of fun and the Studio Pro 24 only adds to the enjoyment. It doesn't hinder, compromise or get in the way. It just works well.

The Studio Pro 24 also works very well in the more traditional firing styles such as metal clays, low fire ceramics, enamels and china painting. While not as active as glass, these types of firings do require a kiln that's properly designed and built for use. Since the Studio Pro 24 is an Evenheat design, you know you're getting that as well.

The Studio Pro 24 will fire any ware up to 1800°F (982°C).

   Dual Access Design


Max Temp F


Inside Width


 Inside Length       24"

Inside Depth


Cubic Feet








NEMA 5-15P

Shipping Weight

280 lb

The Studio Pro 24 builds on Evenheat's Dual Access Design and offers the glass artist a large studio kiln uniquely designed for full, unrestricted access.

The Studio Pro 24 features front and top access, a wall-free design, Rampmaster control with Swing View, wonderfully large handles and lift assist all wrapped up in a well engineered and tested design.

- Front Access
- Top Access
- Wall-Free Design
- Wonderful Handles
- Fiber Lid Construction
- Rampmaster w/ Express Mode
- Spring Assist Lift
- Stout Hinge Design
- Corner Mounting Technique
- Swing View Adjustable Control
- Power Interrupt Switch
- Well Designed Stand


3 Key Digital Included
 The Set-Pro offers 4 firing programs with up to 8 segments per firing program. It's absolutely simple to use.
The Set-Pro features many On-the-Fly firing adjustments that allow you to add time or temperature to your hold times or skip ahead and go right to the anneal portion of the firing. The Set-Pro offers complete control in an economical, easy to use package.
The Studio Pro 24 can be optionally equipped with our Rampmaster w/ Express Mode controller. The Rampmaster w/ Express Mode was designed exclusively for glass work. Express Mode offers an easy, 3 step programming process. Simply key in your glass COE, firing style and firing speed to create the firing program. It's quick, it's easy and it's accurate.

The Rampmaster with Express Mode also features many single key features like Skip Ahead, Add Time, Add Temp and Alarm. Of course the Rampmaster continues to offer Custom Mode programming for full artistic control. The Rampmaster with Express Mode has set a new standard for glass kiln design and control.

Floor Stand Included
  Kiln stands tend to get overlooked by some manufacturers. Not Evenheat. The stand on the Studio Pro 24 is more than a simple stand and was engineered from the ground up to take the loads and requirements of use.

The Studio Pro 24 stand is permanently attached to the kiln base itself and is shipped completely assembled.

Chamber Size
24" W x 24" L x 13.5" D - 4.2 cubic feet
(61cm W x 61cm L x 34.3cm D - 119L)

North American Electrical Specifications
Operating Voltage: 240V
Amperage: 32A
Watts: 7680W
Power Cord Plug Style: NEMA 6-50P

Global Electrical Specifications
Operating Voltage: 240V
Amperage: 32A
Watts: 7680W

Maximum Usable Temperature: 1800°F (982°C)
Ship Weight: 280lb (127kg)

***Flat Rate Shipping  within the Continential US Only.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THAT INFORMATION 

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