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Paragon JANUS Ovation Kiln

Item: Paragon JANUS Ovation Kiln
Retail Price: $4680.00
Price: $3700.00
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Furniture Kit:
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Paragon's Janus Ovation fires Crystalline Glazes, Decals, Glass Casting, Pottery, Ceramics and Glass Multipurpose
Heating elements are mounted in the top and sidewalls.

Select between glass and pottery with the flip of a switch. With the switch in the glass position, heat comes from the top elements and the middle sidewall element. With the switch in the pottery position, heat comes from only the sidewall elements.

In the glass mode, fuse and sag large glass projects placed on a single shelf. In the pottery mode, fire to cone 10. You can also fire several shelves of smaller glass pieces in pottery mode.

load. Imagine how many clay or glass pendants you could fire in the Janus Ovation. As you can see, firing production loads can quickly pay for this oval kiln.If you have been firing a smaller kiln, you will be amazed at the space inside the Janus Ovation. Fire large projects such as bowls or platters in one load.  

Patented dual spring-assisted lid supports transfer the weight of the lid to a massive hinge assembly on the back of the kiln. This reduces the stress on the kiln wall to give your kiln the long life that Paragon kilns are famous for.

The elements in the lid are mounted in a firebrick ball groove that eliminates element pins. The element coils are wider than the groove opening, so the elements stay in place without pins. The groove dissipates heat efficiently. The lid element grooves and inner lid surface are coated for long life.

The patented control box on the Janus Ovation opens forward for easy maintenance. A folding support arm holds the box in the open position.

    • Glass/pottery selection switch
    • 3 inch insulating refractory firebrick firing chamber
    • Sidewall elements in dropped, recessed brick grooves are easy to replace.
    • Two tapered peepholes for a wide view with little heat loss
    • A steel floor pan supports the entire brick bottom of each kiln.
    • One year limited warranty
    • Easy-access control box with folding support arm.
    • Coated lid, peepholes and rim of firebricks


Shelf Kit includes:Two 15" full round shelves, one 15" half shelf, 3 each 1/2", 1", 2", 4" and 6" square posts + one lb. of kiln wash    

1 inch x 3 inch Glass Window: Watch the bright red kiln interior through the optional 1 x 3 inch high-temperature glass window. (Note: always wear firing safety glasses when viewing the kiln interior.) Conveniently watch your glass treasures progress through every stage from tack fuse to full fuse.

 AUXILIARY OUTPUT FOR SENTRY II CONTROLLERS (VENT CONTROL) The AOP (Auxiliary Output) is an electrical outlet mounted to the kiln. Plug either a downdraft vent or an external alarm into the AOP

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